I need some advice!

Date: 2009-04-27 01:31 am (UTC)
Unrelated to this post (sorta), but. You're the first person who came to mind when this situation came up, so here I am!

I went with a friend of mine and her dog to the vet today (the same vet my cat and I go to), and among other animals who were being treated, there were two baby rabbits. Apparently someone had hit the family and killed the mother and one of the other offspring, but they rescued the other two and brought them to the vet. We were waiting around for quite a while (it was their day off, and there was only one vet and one technician on call) so I offered to help feed the rabbits for a bit. I really enjoyed helping them out, and offered to come in throughout the next week to help them provide enough attention, which brings me to:

I NEED YOUR EXPERT ADVICE! What's the best way to feed a baby rabbit milk/formula/whatever it was with a syringe? as far as the way to hold them, what to do, how much to give, etc

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