The giftmas season is almost upon us, so in light of that, consider buying your animal-loving loved ones the Pathfinders totem card deck. Especially around the end of December people always wonder what the new year will bring them and maybe the cards will help guide them on their way. And for people not so inclined, there's 83 wonderfully illustrated cards for the art lovers amongst us.


Each deck includes the Pathfinders totem CD, which looks really nice! And it's easy to use, it has autoplay under Windows (or under a Windows emulator on the Mac) so you can just pop the CD into the drive and voila.
It has the guide, detailing the meaning of each animal. I also included 4 basic tarot spreads and explain, step by step, how they can be used with the Pathfinder totem cards.

The deck is €15,95 per piece.
Shipping within the Netherlands is €6,20, more expensive than shipping it to for example France, thanks to TNT post.
Shipping with priority within Europe is €5,25, without is €4,20.
Shipping with priority outside of Europe is €9,-, without is €7,-.
For payments from Dutch people I prefer a direct bank transfer, people outside of the Netherlands will have to use Paypal.

If you'd like me to sign anywhere (the actual card, back, front, index, card box), please let me know. And keep it mind it means I'll have to remove to wrapper to do so. You won't get a used deck, but you will get an opened deck.

There's a limited amount of Pathfinder decks, so get 'em while you can!

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How much would a set plus shipping to England cost in pounds? I think my friend would like something like that.

From: (Anonymous)

hey, can I order a deck from you? Rather do it from someone I've chatted with and such, or if you know someone in the states who you'd recommend?

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well let's try that again, stupid livejournal logging me out. That was my anonymous post there.

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I need some advice!

Unrelated to this post (sorta), but. You're the first person who came to mind when this situation came up, so here I am!

I went with a friend of mine and her dog to the vet today (the same vet my cat and I go to), and among other animals who were being treated, there were two baby rabbits. Apparently someone had hit the family and killed the mother and one of the other offspring, but they rescued the other two and brought them to the vet. We were waiting around for quite a while (it was their day off, and there was only one vet and one technician on call) so I offered to help feed the rabbits for a bit. I really enjoyed helping them out, and offered to come in throughout the next week to help them provide enough attention, which brings me to:

I NEED YOUR EXPERT ADVICE! What's the best way to feed a baby rabbit milk/formula/whatever it was with a syringe? as far as the way to hold them, what to do, how much to give, etc

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Hey! I know this is an old post and super random of me-but as I was cruising through my f-list reading the CF communities post, I thought of you and realized I hadn't "seen" you around lately. I miss your posts (while there may have been times we went rounds, I still enjoyed your comments and have nothing but the upmost respect for you. ) Anyway, we miss you there (and the bunnies as well ;p )and wanted to say hi.

From: (Anonymous)

Helaas kan ik bij Gwen niet reageren maar wil ik wel even laten weten dat ik jouw boze berichtje gelezen heb.

If ignorance is bliss, you must be ecstatic. If only for the fact that you are ALLOWED and ABLE to be this casually dismissive of very real threats to the bodily autonomy of women worldwide and women speaking out against it by any means possible.
Your ownership and rights to decide over your own body have never been disputed or compromised.
Nevertheless, unlike you, many men realize their privileged position and try to empathize with women. Even more have been forced to do so by peers and women fighting for the rights men take for granted.

of je leert nederlands en engels lezen?
Ik ben VOOR abortus, maar tegen dat geneuzel, lees die kranten artikelen nou eens goed voordat je zinloze nare dingen op internet gaat zeggen in een post waar ik niet kan antwoorden!

1. Die wet is er nog niet, dat komt pas in November
2. WoW heeft een licentie en is dus een legale abortuskliniek en mag nogsteeds doen wat ze doen (al is die nieuwe wet een bedreiging en DAAROM varen ze niet uit, ze willen niet op volle zee erachter komen dat ze illegaal bezig zijn)
3. Die hele wet staat nu ter discussie
4. Dat laatste stukje is gewoon echt te dom voor woorden:
'unlike you, many men realize their privileged position and try to empathize with women. Even more have been forced to do so by peers and women fighting for the rights men take for granted.' IK ben een van die mannen! maar ik blijf erbij, wacht nou maar even met domme dingen roepen totdat we weten wat er gaat gebeuren, net als WoW dat zelf ook doet en ga elkaar vooral niet napraten of je eigen mening als feit presenteren.